Group Outdoor Fitness Activities: Get Moving and Have Fun in the Sun

Just like kayaking, stand-up paddleboarding requires a paddle to maneuver through the water. But instead of sitting in a kayak, you're standing on the board. Staying upright, keeping your trunk tense and maintaining balance on a rowing board activate the body's essential muscles. And just like kayaking, navigating the water requires moving your arms to manipulate the paddle.

In fact, stand-up paddleboarding is a workout for the whole body that further supports stability and improves posture, making it one of the best outdoor exercises to enjoy in summer. In addition to volleyball, compete in other favorite group sports on other local fields and courts. These can include tennis, basketball, softball, and kickball. These fields can be found in local parks or can be played in open spaces with minimal equipment.

Not only does swimming burn hundreds of calories, but it also attacks muscle groups throughout the body. It helps to tone and build strength without the stressful effects of weights, since water is gentle on joints and muscles. Low-impact swimming training can complement or replace laps in the water and, at the same time, offer health benefits. For example, you can run in place, practice flapping kicks and jumping explosively in the water.

Grab an optional yoga mat and head outside for a 20-minute full-body yoga workout that can be done outdoors. The combination of moving the body through yoga poses and being in the sun can offer a mental and physical boost that can refresh and strengthen the soul. If you're by the water, swimming, kayaking, paddling, or playing sand volleyball are fun ways to enjoy the water and work out in. If you're in a beautiful landscape or just want to exercise outside your front door, consider walking, biking, or jogging to enjoy the views and do some cardiovascular exercise.

Take a walk after eating Whether after lunch or after dinner, going for a walk is a fun outdoor activity that helps burn glucose in the body after a meal. During your walk you can play, have a friendly race, look for birds, squirrels or rabbits, and even take advantage of this time to walk the family pet. If you're working from home, these hikes will give everyone a chance to get some fresh air. Walking is great for the family's physical and mental well-being.

Why not take advantage of the spring and summer exodus in the studio and meet your clients where they want to be with cool and fun outdoor fitness classes? Outdoor fitness classes offer a lot of fun in the sun, but they come with their own challenges. These are just a few ideas of the variety of activities you and your family can do outdoors to KEEP MOVING. But if you're planning to give an outdoor group fitness class to 20, 30, 50 or more people, it's worth considering using a microphone and speakers. You already have the location of your group outdoor fitness class and you have all the permissions to launch your summer program.

When planning your ideas for outdoor group fitness classes, it's important to consider what accessories or equipment you'll need to work out. As temperatures rise and the days get longer, your customers can start going outdoors to improve their mood and fitness routines. When selecting a location for your training camp or outdoor fitness class, explore local parks and beaches that have ample space, plenty of shade and, ideally, access to public facilities such as restrooms and water fountains. If you are going to do your fitness classes outdoors in full sun, it's best to plan the schedule for early in the morning or later at night, when the sun's rays and the heat of the day have dissipated.

While both going to the gym and exercising outdoors can provide a good workout, outdoor physical activity offers the added benefits of being out in nature, outdoors and in the sunlight. Here, top fitness professionals share some of their favorite outdoor exercises that are sure to get you moving while having fun in the sun! Plus typical activities like biking and skating weren't accepted. If you want an outdoor workout that is more intense than walking but requires only one pair of shoes running (or a combination of running and walking) can be an efficient outdoor workout. Consider setting up a registration table and using branded flags and banners to make your outdoor fitness class site easy to find and maximize your brand's exposure.

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