Staying Warm While Doing Outdoor Fitness in Cold Weather

When it comes to outdoor fitness activities in cold weather, the key is to stay warm and dry. To do this, you need to wear the right clothing combination. Start with a base layer made of merino wool, polypropylene, or a material that absorbs water and sweat. This includes gloves, socks and hats, which can get wet with sweat and freeze.

Then add a slightly thicker layer made of fleece or lightweight wool and cover it with something that breaks the wind. Sunglasses or eyeglasses and a scarf, a garment for the neck that can be worn over the mouth and nose, help protect the face. For footwear, there are a wide variety of winter boot options available. Be sure to check the temperature rating and traction before you buy. Layering your clothes is also important for staying warm.

As you warm up, remove layers to prevent excessive sweating, which can cause shivers. Replace the layers as you cool down to keep you warm. Ice skating is another great option for outdoor fitness in cold weather. It's a popular activity across the country and can be practiced at a wide range of levels, from fun and relaxed skates on the slopes to more active applications such as speed skating or even playing hockey. With preparation, precautions, and planning, it's definitely possible to stay in shape with outdoor exercises until spring returns. So don't let the cold weather stop you from getting your daily dose of exercise!.

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