Do I Need to Wear a Life Jacket for Water-Based Outdoor Fitness Activities?

When it comes to water-based outdoor fitness activities, it's always best to wear a life jacket. A life jacket or other flotation device should never be used as an excuse to ignore other water safety guidelines. Even if you are an experienced swimmer, it is important to wear a life jacket in open water areas. Children and those who don't have strong swimming skills should also wear life jackets when in a pool or water park.

Some parks require swimmers to wear them, and staff can help ensure that the device is the right size and fits correctly. Even when wearing life jackets, young children and people who can't swim well need an adult who can swim within easy reach and who can supervise them by touch. This is especially important in open water areas, where the risk of drowning is higher. It is also important to remember that life jackets alone are not enough when it comes to staying safe near water. It is essential to follow all safety guidelines and be aware of your surroundings at all times.

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