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Already feeling the burn! Kaden and I enjoyed the “ Walkers: Barre Arms.” I love the grace you exhibit while incorporating/working around Keagan. It’s encouraging to the rest of us mammas. This-is-possible!
Kim W.
Turned on my JamberriFit “Naptime” workout at 0535 this morning and you said “Congratulations on being alone right now.” I laughed. Then I considered the alternative (screaming baby, sick hubby, puking cat, etc) and I very happily did the arm and core workout. So glad Jamberri Fit can make me smile even when it’s still dark outside.”
Maureen M.
Thank you Kendall and Jamberri Fit for helping us empower our little people!
Beth B.
Typically I’m more of a Jamberri Naptime fan…..but today included Hunter. I wish you could have heard the, ” Mommy I’m doing it like Mrs. Kendall!!!!!!” Excitement!!!!!
Laura B.
Kaden and I enjoyed working out together this morning after a lazy week. The “Little Barre: Stretch and Connect” video was a great way to get him engaged and encourage a little more tolerance with my longer, full-body work out.
Kim W.
C loved the “infant barre: core burner” workout today. He would giggle uncontrollably when I would do the planks and the cat/cow. Made my workout so much better!
Alison M.